The worldwide Religious Futures endeavor are financed by the Pew Charity Trusts and John Templeton Foundation

The worldwide Religious Futures endeavor are financed by the Pew Charity Trusts and John Templeton Foundation

While the Catholic Church opposes abortion and you will same-gender erica are quicker conservative than just Protestants on these types of public issues.

The distinctions anywhere between Catholics and you may Protestants of all of those factors hold genuine in the event bookkeeping getting degrees of spiritual observance. Like, Protestants exactly who take part in spiritual properties one or more times each week is actually considerably more attending contradict abortion and you can divorce proceedings – and you may a bit more planning contradict homosexuality, gender beyond relationship and you will drinking alcohol – than just was Catholics who sit in Bulk no less than per week. dos These differing feedback towards social points may help establish why of a lot former Catholics that have be Protestants say they were lookin getting a church you to definitely “metropolises deeper strengths to your traditions a moral lifetime” (an average of 60%).

An average of, Catholics try reduced morally opposed to abortion, homosexuality, artificial manner of birth control, sex outside relationships, divorce and you may having a drink than simply try Protestants

Along side region, both Catholics and Protestants fundamentally say it’s incumbent for the Christians to aid the poor in their societies, but they render quite various other answers on the best way to get to it purpose. Whenever asked what is the foremost ways Christians can help poor people and you will hopeless, Protestants be likely than Catholics to point on the taking the terrible in order to Christ, when you are Catholics will say that performing foundation performs into bad is foremost.

Yet , across the places interviewed, a considerably higher display away from Protestants than Catholics declare that it by themselves or even the chapel they attend practice foundation performs – providing someone get a hold of services, delivering as well as dresses for these in need of assistance or tossing almost every other area attempts to help the indegent. (For more details, pick Chapter 6.)