Planning of these Five Themes and you may Readiness to own children

Planning of these Five Themes and you may Readiness to own children

The newest partner’s character is additionally important. Nearly all interviewees, solitary and you will married, told you that they had seemed to some extent “perhaps the husband try great at house,” and “whether or not he’d be a father who had been doing work in child care”-that is, whether or not he was good patriarchal profile. Into interviewees-very educated people-if or not the couples acknowledged its opinions and you will enforced conventional intercourse opportunities is actually important. The next rates indicate how interviewees was in fact worried about just how its lovers would work just after relationship, assuming wedding create be best for her or him:

If your husband isn’t great at correspondence, it will be problems. You need to have diplomatic feel, particularly that have a mother-in-law; numerous Taiwanese men lack this. (Mei: hitched, keeps son/ren, 1983)

However in the end, I notice that it is important is the husband’s ideas. It is usually your own partner – how he acts. (Ran: married, that compatible partners Log in have kid/ren, 1982)

One girl and detailed that she are jealous of a married friend regarding hers who was on an effective terms and conditions along with her dad which the girl buddy’s husband participated in your family and you can exchanged views together with her; it produced the new interviewee want to have instance a relationship

Actually, the man, this new spouse, is the key so you’re able to control, but they don’t want to be concerned.